Enterprises liquidation

In case your business takes away all free time and causes depression or just is loss-making, you should probably think about another business. But business liquidation is a long, complex and quite conflict procedure. The reasons forcing a company into a bankruptcy process are different. A new tax code, new business owner, falling demand for goods and services are just a few of them. Let's not forget that one can use bankruptcy to protect against creditors or to restructure the debts. Whatever is your case, you will need professionals to assist you through the bankruptcy procedure. This is the only way to make this process quick and painless.
Our specialists have tackled a multitude of tough cases and worked them until victorious.
These are the services we provide within this practice:
— liquidation of enterprise in the general order;
— liquidation of enterprise without debt validation;
— debtors and creditors support;
— the arbitrator's services;
— liquidation balance sheet drafting.