International law and arbitration

International arbitration
International arbitration is a rational mechanism for resolving disputes.  This process is time-saving, it also gives a possibility to choose the language, the place of consideration, arbitrators and the legislation under which a dispute will be considered. International arbitration decisions are to be implemented in many countries of the world and don't usually provide an appeal procedure. All this makes it extremely effective for business.
We have great experience in assistance and representation of clients' interests in international arbitration. Our specialists are aware of all the tiny details of this process.
These are the services we provide within this practice:
— an arbitration clause drafting at the contract execution stage;
— analysis of the case, evaluation of risks and perspectives;
— pretrial dispute resolution;
— representation in international arbitration;
— control over execution of international arbitration decisions.

Arbitral tribunal
Contact for help the standing arbitral tribunal at the Association of «Gaponenko Roman and Partners» in case you need an independent, fast and fair mechanism of dispute resolution.

Support during anti-dumping investigations
Anti-dumping investigations often lead to the application of anti-dumping measures, which may cause some business to fail. If you don't want such a thing happens to your business, you need to ask the specialists for a support during anti-dumping investigations. Our qualified lawyers have already won many similar cases.
In order to win an anti-dumping case it is equally important to have extensive knowledge in law, economics and diplomacy. The lawyers who support an anti-dumping investigation should examine carefully the case details and both national and international law features before proceeding with a case. They should also find out how best to use these features in a particular case.
When you contact us, you contact professionals with great experience in anti-dumping investigations support. Rest assured, we will do everything for you to supply the products at the best prices.